The axe forgets; the tree remembers.

Rise above. Pour haters with compassion, kill them with kindness and bury them with love.

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And the dead fish :(

And the dead fish :(

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Love the song.. Think its cute, sad but cute. Kinda makes you appreciate the blessing of life..

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It all happened so fast… 

First it was hello..

Followed by the hug..

Then waking up in the middle of the night and waking the other..

Staying up till early in the morning..

Sleeping again like only the two of you exist..

Loving each other..

Saying sorry, being polite..

Proclaiming your love for each other

Waking up next to the most beautiful person ever..

That was it.. The weekend with you… And I sit here, try to recap the entire weekend minute by minute… The feelings are just too great, I at times have to hold my chest trying to make my heart stop from beating fast… Like that would help hehe but it does make me feels better.

In my subconscious mind though I see myself literally holding my heart tight, singing our song and calming it down… Seeing it gradually beating at its 60/80 beats/min, and I know it is content. I am content

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I hope you don’t mind.

Writing our life story
Telling the entire universe what you meant to me.

You can tell them all
Its just so simple
I love you

I hope you don’t mind
Keeping the memory of you and me inside.

I hope you don’t mind
Writing it all so they would know what love it.

I keep writing but nothing seems to make sense.
My heart misses her

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Being a child of a single parent..

Selfish is what best describes me and other children brought up by single parents… I have come to a point where I don’t want to share my mother with anyone. It has been more than eleven years since my step-dad passed, my little sister’s dad that is and it has always been the three of us. Well my father has never been part of my life and honestly it has never affected me, I had a great mother who was open enough to talk about him and everything that now we joke about my dad who I still don’t know… Oh and I don’t hate him, I’m really the happiest person ever.

And now when some stranger wants to come into our lives I become a little monster. I can’t help it, whenever he comes around my mood changes completely, I become grumpy, go to my room and not talk to anyone at all. I just don’t want to share her with anyone.

Spending the first six years of my life with my grandmother and just when I start living with my mother people just flood in, do you really blame me for being selfish? Do you blame me for wanting to bond with her till forever? Do you blame me for not wanting her to get hurt?

I want to stop being grumpy. I pray all the time for God to help me (hoping he does soon).. I am really trying but it has become a part of me, at times it happens without me even realising… How do I change it? ? ‘Sigh’…

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Went to Hout Bay and came across this dead buddy  along the beach… There was quite a few of them, sad, wonder what happened.

Went to Hout Bay and came across this dead buddy along the beach… There was quite a few of them, sad, wonder what happened.

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Untidy Towns: ‘You think you’re a man, but I’m going to show you you’re a woman’: corrective rape and violence against lesbians in...


[Title quote from TIME; this article first appeared on On Line Opinion.]

It is estimated that more than ten lesbians are raped by men every week in Cape Town, South Africa’s legislative capital.

If over ten lesbians are raped weekly just in one city, how many same-sex-attracted women…

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